A gaming monitor is a key part of any PC setup. Its role is to maximize the quality of your graphics card and CPU’s output, portraying color, motion, and image sharpness in ways that make for a more immersive and engaging experience while you play games. The right monitor can also help you get more out of your gaming experience by minimizing input lag and other potential issues.

Gaming monitors tend to have a higher refresh rate than standard displays, which helps smooth out motion. You can usually find one with at least 60Hz, but look for 120Hz or 144Hz models for better performance. These higher refresh rates allow your screen to update twice as often per second, which makes it easier to react to fast-paced games and is especially important if you’re an esports player.

The Dell PXC277 Advanced is an affordable 1440p gaming monitor that packs in pretty much all the essentials, including a solid IPS panel and HDR support. It’s not quite as quick as some of our top picks, but its 165Hz refresh and claimed 1ms response is still good enough for most serious gamers.

Budget and 4K are not words you often see together, but the Gigabyte M28U is an exception. This affordable 4K monitor packs in a gorgeous IPS panel and a great set of features for its price. It’s not as quick as some of our top picks, and its IPS glow is noticeable compared to OLED screens, but it’s still a great option for gaming on a budget. gaming monitor

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