Long URLs can be unwieldy when sharing on social media or in text messages, especially on platforms with limited character limits. URL shorteners turn those long links into a shorter, more compact version that’s easier to communicate and type, all while redirecting users to the original website page.

Short URLs can also make for more aesthetically pleasing sharing on Twitter and other social media platforms, or even be easier to read in email or text messages. Plus, a link shortener can help you keep track of clicks and other metrics for your content—an important component to measuring the performance of your marketing campaigns.

Many popular URL shorteners, such as Bitly and TinyURL, offer free versions with basic features that will work just fine for most marketers, and paid options with more advanced analytics and link tracking. For example, with a Bitly account you can get up to 20 tracked clicks on a branded URL for free, while their premium plan gives you 150,000 branded links and 20 custom domain names per month for $499 a month.

If you’re looking to integrate your favorite URL shortener into other apps, consider using Zapier. It’s a web-based app that lets you create automated workflows—called Zaps—that trigger when specific events occur in other apps, like when you upload a post or create a product on your website. One popular Zap is the Shorten and Brand Link Zap, which can automatically convert any new URL into a shortened, brandable link that can then be used in other social media or marketing apps. url shortener

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