Crypto tumbler is a service that makes cryptocurrency transactions less traceable by mixing your coins with those of others. Whether you want to avoid your partner finding out about your embarrassing purchase of exotic adult articles or you simply don’t want the blockchain archives to reveal your real name, tumblers can help.

The main reason for using a tumbler is privacy. Although cryptocurrencies are supposedly anonymous, the Bitcoin blockchain is open to anyone with the proper tools. This means that someone could scour the transaction history of your wallet and figure out which coins are linked to which address, which exchanges they came from, and more. While it’s unlikely that a malicious person would take the time to do this for every bitcoin owner, it’s still something that shouldn’t be ignored.

Tumblers work by obscuring this information, which is why they’re popular for people who are concerned about their privacy and those looking to conduct illicit transactions. However, the popularity of these services has also brought them into the sights of law enforcement, which has made it increasingly difficult to use them without getting caught.

There are two major categories of tumblers: custodial and non-custodial. Custodial tumblers are centralized, meaning that one entity is responsible for handling the entire mixing process. You send your coins to the tumbler and they return them back to you, usually after a fee has been paid. This category of tumbler is prone to security breaches and is generally considered less secure than non-custodial tumblers. Crypto tumbler

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