If you’ve ever been to a football game or attended a competitive cheer competition, you’ve likely seen groups of women chanting and performing stunts. These are cheerleaders, and they put in long hours of practice to do what they love: support their school’s sports team and perform at competitions for the entire state.

Cheerleading is a sport that requires multiple skills, including jumps, stunting and tumbling. Even simple chants and jumps require sharp motions, proper voice and plenty of training to execute. Stunting is the most dangerous aspect of cheer, with injuries ranging from soft tissue sprains to head and cervical spine fractures.

In addition to being a sport, cheerleading also fosters personal growth. It teaches athletes to be proud of their successes and accept defeat with grace, while encouraging them to seek their best potential. It teaches them to work together and develop leadership skills, while teaching them how to connect with their peers and fans.

Cheerleaders are a huge part of the sporting event atmosphere, and they contribute to a positive environment for all students. They host pep rallies and tailgates to encourage students, alumni and community members to attend games and support their schools’ teams. They are often the first to fill stadiums and help create a strong connection between students and their athletic teams. In fact, a study commissioned by Varsity Brands found that cheerleaders can increase school spirit by 75 percent. They also serve as ambassadors for student-athletes, connecting the community with them and helping students feel like a family away from home. cheerleaders

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